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Horizon Spa

We change the way you feel…

AHAVA & Horizon

The true formula of nature’s wonders has arrived at the Horizon spa in Tel Aviv with the collaboration of AHAVA and its products.

Our mineral-rich treatments will stimulate your skin renewal and reveal fresh, soft to the touch, glowing skin.

The treatments will wrap you in softness and a calming aroma, providing you pure relaxation as we take you on a journey to the lowest point on earth.

Our Dead Sea treatments evoke hidden energy and wrap your body with warmth, sensuality and an exciting aroma as a journey from sunrise to sunset.

Salt Room

Daily reality exposes us to many chemicals and toxins, which have a devastating effect on our body’s health.

Our one of a kind, Horizon spa salt room in Tel Aviv, uses an evaporation system that allows you to inhale small salt particles through the air, and thus thoroughly detoxifying your entire body.

The salt room contributes to the firming of the skin and helps the respiratory system and healing of skin diseases.

Upgrade the Experience

You can upgrade your experience at Horizon spa.

  1. Rich buffet-style breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.
  2. Light diary lunch or dinner.
  3. Fruit platter, and a bottle of Cava.